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Intel i7 6700K 4.2GHz

Disk space

5 GB (extensible)


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Intuitive Panel
Panel orion-serv
Custom Index

Choisissez quel fichier sera lancé via le panel !

Support GIT

Indiquez un repo GIT afin que l'installation et la mise à jour soit automatique ! Sinon, vous pouvez aussi envoyer les fichiers par FTP.

Database Included!

We offer a database for any order of a game server without time limit!

Daily backup

If there is a problem, keep your hand on your server! A backup is performed by default once a day. It's up to you to configure more via Auto Tasks

Unlimited Auto Tasks

Perform automatic tasks up to 5 minutes of unlimited interval! Restart, Stop, Start, Backup, or Send a command.

Live Console

A specially developed console for Orion, featuring features such as command history.


A competent team ready to act to ensure technical assistance every day of the week! No matter what problems our team is on. Do not hesitate to contact us !

Full webFTP access

On Orion you have a total access to your files allowing you to completely customize your server as you like! We also offer a WebFTP to edit and send your files faster without having to go through an FTP client such as FileZilla.


Keep an eye on your server with statistics on Ram usage, CPU, disk space and number of players!

  • Unique, Intuitive, and Dynamic Panel!

    Enjoy Modern and Evolved Management Panel by Orion-Serv!

  • Need reliable and intelligent tools?

    Real-time update, multi-user synchronization ...

  • Need advanced management?

    Each tool allows you to configure things thoroughly!